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Client Feedback

My cat Judy has hyperthyroidism and is being treated with medication. One evening I noticed she had difficulty seeing and was bumping into things. It turned out she developed high blood pressure which caused retinal detachment and sudden blindness.

Dr. Herman saw her and took several blood pressure readings. After diagnosing her, he referred her to Dr. Stephen Gross, a veterinary ophthalmic specialist, who recommended a course of treatment with anti-inflammatory and blood pressure medications.

Losing her sight put Judy in a tailspin. She became extremely depressed and stopped eating, lost weight then became dehydrated. Dr. Herman treated all these conditions, providing her with a special prescription diet and rehydration. Gradually, Judy's retinas began to reattach and her sight improved. It took some time but she now has complete retinal reattachment and is able to see again. Regaining her eyesight made all the difference in her psychological improvement. Her blood pressure is down and her appetite has improved dramatically.

I cannot thank Dr. Herman enough for all the time and attention he provided to Judy during her crisis, and the care he has always given and continues to provide to monitor her medications and overall health. The Wellness Program at Providence has made all the difference as has the Pet Healthcare Plan. Judy has been a patient at Providence with Dr. Herman since she was eight weeks old. She will be 17 years old on August 18, 2008.

Chesterbrook, PA
Dear Dr. Gilley and Dr. Herman:

My family and I wish to sincerely thank you for the care that you provided for our beloved pet cat Softie during her final illness. We brought her to you because the caliber of care we have become accustom to at Providence Veterinary Hospital is overwhelmingly superior to what we have experienced elsewhere. The thoroughness of your examination provided a comprehensive view of her overall health, which enabled us to fully understand her prognosis and treatment options related to the FIV which she had contracted.

Softie was euthanized at an emergency animal hospital during the early morning hours of Thursday, June 1, 2006...

The fact that a simple vaccination may have prevented her from falling victim to FIV in the first place makes her loss all the more difficult to bear. We always brought her to the vet at the first sign of illness, but as we learned, it is also important to maintain vaccinations for the diseases which pets are susceptible to. Possibly because we did not do this, Softie is now with us only in our hearts and our memories. Nothing can reverse our loss, but the next best thing is that others may gain from our experience by ensuring their pets' vaccinations are maintained current. You are welcome to use this letter any way you like if you feel it will encourage others to attend to their pets' vaccination needs.

Thank you
WK, Dimock, PA
We want to thank Dr. Herman for his help with our two dogs. As new dog owners, we really appreciated the care and attention you gave them. Your examination of Chubby and Boo-Boo made us all happier because we now have a better understanding of our pets and their health.

Thank you again.
New York City
Hi Dr. Herman and Staff:

Beck is doing just fine. Appetite good, eyes clear, not much if any blood in urine that I can see. She seems so happy now and her incision is healing nicely. It is dry and does not appear to bother her at all. She is acting like nothing even happened. You are an excellent surgeon and I appreciate all you and your staff did for Becky.

I just checked out your web-site and I love it. It is very informative, well written and the i-cons are really neat. Like the little cats and dogs that blink about the web pages. I'll be there on Thursday evening with Becky to have her sutures removed.

My family has been with you since about 1978. You have been there for us in both the good times and bad. And as always you are very helpful and understanding.

We just were in on Monday night for Buddy's check. Dr Herman was very helpful with our recent tick problem. We got all sorts of stuff that will hopefully control and eliminate the ticks.

Just checking out the web site. Looks good! I have book marked it and can't wait to see the new letter online.

Keep up the good work.
Hello. I've been a K-9 caretaker (rather than saying I'm an owner) for more years than I care to say. As you know, as caretakers, our loyal companions are with use for--what seems to short of time. You know, they're family.

Ever since PVH's first issue of "The Critter Chronicle," I've found it to be a wealth of health information. Several times PVH has informed us, using "The Critter Chronicle" about the importance of dental care.

During routine teeth scaling, it was discovered that Shasta had chipped a tooth. At first glance some might say that's no big deal. Would you, like me, be on the phone with our dentist, immediately if it were us? We would set-up this appointment because we know once the enamel is removed the tooth will not go too far before the tooth started to smart as bacteria started to eat away at the soft underlying. This could be followed into root canal work, tooth loss, and abscess. Not only to mention the increased monitory costs, but what about our companion's health. Like us, the older we get the more important, I've found, It is to have professional dental hygiene care. I've learned the older we and our pets get the more strain infections places on our immune system. I fully believe that good dental care could ad more healthier years to both of us.

Thank you PVH for your thorough health exams of our pets. By the way, your web page deserves the awards it has received . It's packed with valuable information and help about your services for our pets.

I'm hoping you'll explain what the technique used to correct Shasta's broken tooth. I understand you used state of the art procedures.

Thank you,
Our family wishes to express our sincere appreciation for the expert and caring treatment you provided for our cat "Softie", whereas, another veterinarian advised us that she would likely die during surgery. Your approach of evaluating her condition with a battery of medical tests insured that surgery and the follow-up was immediately successful and without incident. We cannot believe the transformation that we have seen with our cat and acting half her age (15 years) friskily.

Many, many thanks.
Dear Dr. Herman and the Staff,
Thanks for everything, Thanks for saving our best Friend "Pamuk". You're all in our Prayers..

See you soon...

Pamuk, F,E,E
Newark, DE
Dr. Herman of the Providence Veterinary Hospital, Chester, PA treated my dog Maggie for Patellar Luxation, requiring 2 Tibial Crest Transplants (knees were very bad,). In the past year Maggie did not want to walk at all, and seemed melancholy, her brother totally different loves to walk and play all day. Since the surgery (almost 4 weeks ago), Maggie's ears are up first time in over a year, and she loves going for short walks (doesn't want to come in), I was told it will take approximately 12 weeks for her to recuperate and that she will need the pins out within the next six months, however if she is doing this great at the end of week 4, I can't even begin to imagine what week 12 will bring. I'd like to thank Dr. Herman, a very talented and compassionate V.M.D. for the outstanding intricate surgery that he performed on Maggie, and for the difference he has made in her life, she is now free of the pain, her brother Rocky better watch out for week 12. I also want to thank Dr. Herman and staff, for their caring hearts, Providence Veterinary Hospital is definitely the place to take your pride and joy.
Our Shepherd Lab Mix Prince had been suffering for over 2 years with a bad limp. We had taken him to 2 other Vets and received conservative treatments and just began medicating our Prince with pain meds. He was only about 2 when this began and just turned 4. It was breaking our hearts the way he was limping around and in constant pain. We took Prince to Doctor Herman. Dr Herman was very thorough with the examination. He suggested that Prince be sedated for an x-ray to allow him to properly check range of motion since he would tense up. This made perfect sense but the other 2 vets we had taken him to didn't do this. With he examination Dr Herman diagnosed him with an ACL tear (knee) and arthritis forming. The knee needed surgery and the joint had to be cleaned up. We had the surgery done and within 2 days Prince was putting weight on the joint, his appetite had returned and he is a much happier boy, all around!  Prince is making an amazing recovery. I would recommend Dr Herman to anyone who has a pet with similar issues. We also found the cost for the procedure to be quite reasonable.
D and J C

Dear Dr, Herman,


I am so grateful, that you agreed to see my Malti-pooh Freya on Monday, March 2nd 2014.  My current vet was closed that day. Freya had been attacked by a dog and had two very serious wounds which were a definite emergency.  Since my vet was closed because of the weather, the answering service of current vet directed me to go to University of Penn Veterinary Medicine. However, driving to Penn did not seem like an option since Freya was in such bad shape and because of weather conditions.


Freya was bleeding and had two deep fang wounds on her trunk in back of her right front leg.  I got the bleeding to stop, but Freya began shaking and her lower wound was turning dark.  She was crying and shivering and I thought she would die. Freya weighs only 20.5 lbs. and to me it looked like her wounds might be close to her heart.  Freya, who is normally a frisky pup, was lethargic and did not even feel like eating or drinking. Blessedly, your practice, Providence vet is 12 minutes from my house. It is a miracle Dr. Herman agreed to see Freya within an hour+ of my call, especially since he had been in surgery all morning.  I guess his wonderful receptionist, Chris, could tell from my voice and tears how scarred I was for Freya. 


Freya’s little body trembling, my young son and I carried her into Dr. Herman’s office, within moments we were quickly greeted and ushered us into the examination room.  Dr. Herman carefully examined her and recommended that her serious wounds be opened, cleaned of debris and that she have IV antibiotics. We agreed immediately and Dr. Herman quickly began to work on her. Freya stayed at Providence Veterinary Hospital, for a week.  The following week, we picked her up with her beautifully sutured stitches which stayed in for another week and then came out.  My son, Mark said, “See Mommy, I told you Freya would do great!” He was right; Freya is now the white and fluffy bouncing beauty her name conveys: Norse Goddess of Natural Beauty


Little did I know when I came into the office that Freya would be seeing such a fantastic surgeon.  Not only is Dr. Herman a fantastic surgeon, he is a tremendous and caring vet with an old-school practicality that is no nonsense.  He is no fluff; just the right stuff (fluff belongs on pets)!  I have transferred Freya’s records, along with the records of her big brother dog, Thor, over to Dr. Herman’s practice. In a modern world of hype and corporately owned veterinary practices it is wonderful to have my beloved dogs in the car of a genuinely professional doctor.


Thank You,

C.T.R. Rose Valley, PA

Excellent Surgeon

My seven year old dog had to have major surgery in November of 2012. She needed surgery as a result of an injury at our farm in upstate NY- the damage was extensive- anterior and posterior cruciate and medial meniscus surgery was needed on her leg. Dr. Hermann has done hundreds of ACL repairs but said that this was one of the more involved he that he has ever seen. The good news is that it is not even the middle of January and if it were not for the fact that she is still growing her fur back on her hind quarter, you would never know she had an injury or surgery.

This was not the first surgery Dr.Herman did on Pooja (spaying when we first got her, stitches for another farm injury and recently a lump removal on her breast ) and all I can say is that this vet is an extremely competent and masterful surgeon.

We have also been pleased with the ongoing routine care, follow-up and diagnostics. I do not think we could do better anywhere and I highly recommend PVH.

Ron Van
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